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28 February

This sounds like extortion

From Slyck News:

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), on behalf of the major record companies, today sent 400 pre-litigation settlement letters to 13 different universities. Each letter informs the school of a forthcoming copyright infringement lawsuit against one of its students or personnel. The RIAA will request that universities forward those letters to the appropriate network user. Under this new approach, a student (or other network user) can settle the record company claims against him or her at a discounted rate before a lawsuit is ever filed.

Pre-litigation? Students can settle at a discount rate? Did Tony Soprano think this up? Nice little education you have going here, we wouldn't want anything to happen to it, would we? People who call them the MafIAA don't seem far from wrong. This sounds like a simple pay-off scheme. They know most students, whether they have shared files or not, can not afford to fight the RIAA in court and will have to settle.

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18 February

Well, duh!

The president of Macrovision replied to Steve Jobs comments of DRM. Basically, Macrovision says "DRM is good for you." Is this a surprise coming from a company that makes DRM technology? Why was it all over the news? Next up, tobacco companies announce smoking makes you look cool.

A translation of the Macrovision statement can be found here.
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12 February

who's zoomin' who?

Bruce Schneier discusses Vista security in his column. The argument is that MS is scamming Hollywood and big music with its DRM scheme. The usual story is that MS is doing *AA's bidding by forcing DRM down the Vista user's throat. Schneier argues that the *AA folks are falling into a trap. Since Vista may be the dominant desktop platform, MS will own the distribution channel and will be calling the shots. Apple pulled a similar stunt with iTunes. Schneier is usually prescient and I think he's right again. One thing is sure, we lose no matter whether big content, MS, or Apple control media distribution.
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